Flash Vs HTML

The battle has been around for years! Is flash any flashier. We like to think not and here is the reason why!

HTML is compatible with all screen formats. This means your site is accessible and legible from multiple platforms such as smartphones, tablets, PC’s, etc. HTML helps search engine optimization (SEO). With tags and pre-selected key words, you can optimize your website for search engines like Google.

FLASH is a coded web language that enables the addition of animated content and video to a website. Flash files have the file extension .swf and need to be read by a Flash plugin in the navigator.

  • Flash doesn’t have an impact on search engine rankings.
  • It’s difficult to adapt a Flash site to all the different web devices on the market like tablets, smartphones, etc…
  • In order to read Flash code, the Internet user needs to have a Flash Player installed on his computer.

Do we currently design Flash based websites. In short answer no. We do still currently play with dynamic flash. Due to SEO linmitations we do not recommend it to our customers.

We do still find that some larger well known sites that do not compete for traffic still enjoy using it as they like the look and feel.

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