Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal

The world we live in is fast paced, modern, intuitive and forever evolving. Does WordPress match this? We strongly believe it does.

WordPress v Joomla v Drupal
Well the debate has been around for many years, and we’re sure that it will be for a long time. Here we are going to be looking at three big hitting contenders; WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

WordPress: Began as a simple blogging platform and has developed into a sophisticated CMS dominating the web world. With the latest version 4.2.2 claiming over 18,000,000 downloads. There is a massive active community offering endless theme designs, plugins and general support.

There are two hosting options available. Self hosting (wordpress.org) or WordPress Hosting (wordpress.com). These options are self explanatory; Want to host your WordPress site on your own domain? Then wordpress.org is the place to go and download the software and get started.

Ease of Install: 5/5 Famous 5 minute setup really does only take 5 minutes! Many Web Hosts running CPanel have the option for automatic installation.

Ease of use: 5/5 Basically no technical knowledge is required to adding content and editing pages. As always, life is far easier with some experience though we find most clients using this CMS gain confidence quickly and self manage fairly quickly. Can be used like Microsoft Word or Open Office when typing and adding content.

Best for: Blogs! Any website with new posts, blogs, news then I would strongly look no further than this sweet little CMS! Also great for more simple design layouts. With so many plugins available, the software is very expandable.

Recommendation: For self Manage Blogs and News websites. Its Easy to Use interface is a powerful benefit for beginners and experts.


Joomla: In a nutshell is not as simple to use as WordPress, though easier than Drupal.The ultimate tool for creating communities, membership areas, forums articles and more. Claiming over 30,000,000 downloads of their software is a big call.

Ease of Install: 3/5 Fairly straight forward and simple. Not as easy as the famous 5 minute WordPress Install.

Ease of Use: 3/5 Well firstly to change colours and logos is straight forward. The depth of navigation and the admin area can take a bit to get your head around.  Once you have had a play and gotten used to it, it becomes fairly simple to use. Technical experience is definitely an advantage if you are using this CMS. You have the ability of creating fairly complex sites if you have the time to invest in learning your way around the package.

Best For: More complex sites wanting to also utilize forums, blogging and membership networking accounts (social media). You can create a regular website with it, though we think it is a little over the top for that use.


Drupal: Powerful CMS tool for developers to create complex websites. The power is in its complexity. Technical experience and time spent on Drupal is required. If you can not commit to learning, I wouldn’t bother touching it. If self management is what you’re after, then move on. Newer versions are getting easier to use though.

Ease of Install: 3/5 Harder than Joomla and WordPress. Being the hardest, it also is the most advanced.

Ease Of Use: 2/5 Requires a lot of technical knowledge. Has the ability of creating advanced websites. This package is suitable for developers or for people who have time to invest learning how to use it, or paying a design company who knows it. Not recommended for self management.

Recommendation: For websites that have a lot of complex data. For higher budgets, community platforms with multiple users.


Our pick: Well we believe each serve their communities well. Our general overall pick for our clients would have to be WordPress. Be it for a regular website or a blog. Our clients LOVE seeing what we have created for them, and ENJOY logging in, watching our video tutorials and playing around with their content.

WordPress takes a lot of pressure away from steep learning curves! Is very powerful and takes advantage of the forever growing Responsive Layout with is another hot discussion topic. The world we live in is fast paced, modern, intuitive and forever evolving. Does WordPress match this? We strongly believe it does.

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